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tonight. a blockbuster day in the george zimmerman trial. in a moment, i'll speak to mark o'mara, a day in which witness after witness testified george zimmerman is the man heard screaming on the tape, not trayvon martin. >> you said you heard the tape several times, is that mainly listening to it on tv? >> yes. >> were you able to identify mr. zimmerman's voice during the first time you listened to it? yes, my immediate reaction to it was, that is george's voice. >> that's georgy. >> it's george zimmerman, and i wish to god i did not have the ability to recognize that. >> i pushed away from the table and shook my head and said, i can't tell. >> and the judge rules the jury will hear about trayvon martin's alleged pot use. joining us to talk about a busy day in court, mark o'mara. mark, busy day. pretty important day in many ways. how significant is this late breaking decision to allow trayvon martin's toxicology report including his cannibis use to be made available to the court? >> good evening, piers, it's good to chat with you again. we thought this day was coming, the judge had ini
got on top of attorney mark o'mara to show the jury, but when describing his client's skill level. >> he's still learning how to punch. he didn't know how to really effectively punch. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, where would mr. zimmerman fit? >> like i said, about a one. >> reporter: finally, judge debra nelson ruled testimony regarding marijuana levels in trayvon martin's system will now be evidence for jurors to consider, a critical ruling as this trial moves into day 11. >> back live in the courtroom here in sanford, florida, you can see attorney mark o'mara and daniel schumaker making his case, explaining exactly what he does to the judge. the judge, we expect, will rule and decide whether this jury will see that computer animation that he created of the shooting on february 28, 2012. wolf, there was another big ruling that came in yesterday, that the judge decided evidence of marijuana in trayvon martin's system, that it will be allowed as evidence in this case. now, just a few minutes ago, i spoke with daryl parks, he's the attorney who represents the martin family, about what
zimmerman trial yet. who will mark o'mara calls a his last witness? that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper starts now. >>> the trial was a sprint but tonight it became a marathon. trench warfare in the courtroom. good evening. welcome to another "ac 360" special report "self-defense or murder, the george zimmerman trial." first, a heated battle that just ended at 9:56 p.m. eastern time. the judge ordering a recess until tomorrow morning, wednesday. the defense asking the judge to permit several key items into evidence, text messages and photos that would seem to paint trayvon martin as aggressive in the eyes of the jury. the defense attorney don west tonight making his pitch. listen. >> there are two main issues. one relates to several conversations by mr. martin attempting to acquire a firearm. >> these are conversations that are audio conversations or are they written? >> they are text messages that were obtained from his phone. the crux of the matter is the fighting issue, it's mr. martin's text messages about being in a fight, about the effects of that fight on him, th
they're going to go with this. >> he surprised me, mark o'mara, and his defense team on certain decisions, several decisions so far. jose, if you were representing the defense right now, would you call your client, george zimmerman, to take the witness stand? >> not in a million years. not in a million years. but i will tell you i know all of these lawyers involved and one this evening i've noticed is they're extremely confident about their case. and especially mark o'mara. the fact these granting interviews after court every day tells you there's a lot of confidence there. if mr. zimmerman gets convicted of anything, the first person he's going after is his lawyer and he's going to say he was hamming it up for the cameras instead of working on my case. i think they feel very confident and very comfortable moving forward. and so did the prosecution at the beginning of this case. i'm not sure how he feels right now, though. >> a lot of us didn't think he would cross-examine trayvon martin's mother but he did. do you think he's going to call george zimmerman? >> i would say no but
like people who show up with their game face. not only bernie but i'm going to say mark o'mara might be one of the finest defense attorneys i have witnessed because of his disposition. he is a nice guy. he is not rude or mean or rattles people. he gets what he needs out of his witnesses. >> i have been prosecutor for a very long time. when you are watching professional great guys and these guys are and you see a doctor like di maio take the stand. you don't sit there as a prosecutor and say he is lousy. you have to take it and let the people know that he is a good guy. you don't fight the credentials. there is no way to fight the credentials. he had a lot to say. he had to really back up zimmerman's story. it is the job as a prosecutor to say wait a second. you don't know about the gunshot wound. the standard things that you cross examine an expert about. whether or not a jury bought into everything he said or whether or not bernie made points. he did a great job. he hammered zimmerman's story to a tee. he is a paid witness. i know that that sounds funky. listen, he is a great guy. h
. be the most dramatic day in the zimmerman trial yet. who will mark o'mara calls a his last witness? >> is this injury you see in this exhibit consistent with having been punched in the nose? >> yes, sir. >> this is exhibit 48. we'll put it on the projector and see if you can find the detail. this is represented as the photograph taken several hours later at the police department of mr. zimmerman's face. testimony of this man, dr. vincent di maio. >> reporter: of course. the lights on behind me, this is a see quested jury so they are getting as much done as fast as they can and accomplished so much with the witness you just talked about. dr. vincent di maio. heard of him? probably. he's like the grand dad of pathology, he was the medical examiner in beaux county in texas and made incredible arguments, so many points the prosecution made. listen to the first part, he goes after what the prosecution said. first of all, if george zimmerman tried to put out trayvon von martin's hands after she hot him, why were the hands under the body f. george zimmerman said trayvon mapp martin said y
hostin, and jeffrey toobin. do you think that mark o'mara scored the points that he wanted to? >> i think at first blush you'd say why would you ever do that? but if you think about it, i think what he was trying to do is set up the closing argument. he wants to argue later on, look, here's somebody who told the police initially that it wasn't him and now he's ekw equivocatin equivocating. whoever is listening is listening through the framework he wanted to believe. mark telegraphed that's where he was in the press conference. it is a gutsy call, high risk/high reward in the sense that you never want to be looked at as having kind of beaten up on somebody who has gone through a tragedy like this and he didn't beat him up in any sense but the up side, i think, doesn't necessarily outweigh the potential for a down side here. >> danny, do you think the jury believes tracy martin when he says, no, the two police officers that testified are essentially wrong. it wasn't that i said i couldn't identify my voice, it's that i said i wasn't sure. >> that's a credibility determination. overall when
't take place on the stand. but when mark o'mara said the defense planned to rest wednesday. martin savidge, cnn, sanford, florida. >> want to dig deeper with our panelist. sunny hostin, marcia clark. and the defense table, danny savalos and mark geragos. and dr. lawrence kobalanski. mark, just about that neighbor who testified, do you think anybody buys that? if some neighbor of mine testified about what my voice sounds like when i'm screaming, how would a neighbor know this? >> you know, there's a more cynical view as to why they played that neighbor's video in court today. and i'm not going to inflame what is already an inflammatory situation. i don't think anybody is saying this is the ultimate in terms of a piece of evidence that they put on. i have to say that i'm a little cynical about this. >> sunny, what about you? how do you think it played in the courtroom? does it make any sense to you? >> not really. it's sort of the law of diminishing returns now. when you have george zimmerman's mother and uncle saying those are his cries for help on that tape, i think that's okay. ev
. he got on top of mark o'mara. when describing his skill level -- >> still learning how to punch. he didn't know how to effectively punch. >> on a scale of one to ten, where did he hit? >> i said a one. >> the levels in trayvon martin's system will be admitted as evidence for jurors to consider. the trial moves into day 11. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> another big day ahead. 20 minutes after the hour. >>> as pranks go, this was cruel or absolutely brilliant. you make the call. the video shows the prankster arranging to have his sleeping girlfriend wake up to the sight of a ghost coming out of the tv set. he spent weeks designing a public replica. this seems like a wonderful idea. check out the reaction. >> oh, no. poor thing. that's awful. >> so, as you can see, the girlfriend was so scared, the boyfriend had to stop her from running out of the house. i say boyfriend, it may be former boyfriend. >> i think it's grounds for separation and butt kicking. >> everyone loves a joke. >> do you know how traumatizing that would be in the middle of the night? poor thing. she needs
in the day. specifically here is a question, defense foreign relations mark o'mara, asking chris serino, former detective, about when the father first heard the 911 call. let's listen to that. >> okay. and what did you ask him? >> i believe my words were is that your son's voice in the background? i think i said it a little differently than that but i inquired if that was in fact his son yelling for help. >> and what was his response? >> he -- it was more of a verbal and nonverbal. he looked away and under his breath, as i interpreted it, said no. >> i want to bring in our legal experts, chris darden and diana tennis. court has recessed for the day so we're going to go over some of the key moments. tracy martin testified. he said listening to 911 call was very emotional for him, that he didn't say, no, that wasn't his son's voice. where does that leave the jury? do they disregard what serino, detective? where do they go? >> certainly they can disregard as he said he said no under his breath as he turned away. it pits the martins against the police department. are they telling the truth?
mark o'mara wraps the defense case you have a rebuttal case, probably fairly brief, not more than a day perhaps where the prosecutors get the final word with the rebuttal case and charging conference. the lawyers have to go in chambers with the judge and decide what will we ask this jury to do? second-degree murder that's there but what about the lessers? can we give them lesser options if they aren't prepared to go all the way. maybe the prosecutors will assess their work so far and how their work has landed in this live courtroom, and maybe they will decide i don't think we can get this far. maybe we need lower options. maybe the defense attorneys will say we're not interested in lower options. go for broke, see how you do. this is the most amazing part of a trial. you got to assess how has the case gone so far, how did our witnesses perform? do we think we can go all the way? >> ashleigh banfield, thank you very much, indeed. >>> outside the courtroom, watching every moment of this case, jane, they are still in there late at night in the courtroom. what is going on, do you think? >>
mark o'mara to slyly make the point that he believed he changed his story about the 911 call, especially after talking to his attorney. is that an effect ive strategy? >> it can be because in this case it's coming from the victim's father. i don't know whether it ultimately will be but to undermine his credibility and say, look, he changed his mind to say what was going to help the case most puerto rifrom his point of view, that is the argument. i think at the end of the day it becomes a wash, though i'm not denying the fact that it is an effective tactic by the defense to use the victim's father in the way that they did, as painful as it is to watch. i think each side says what you expect them to say. one it's trayvon, the other side it's zimmerman. at the end of the day, the jury, it going to be up to them and they may very well throw it all out and say trayvon martin's father was under enormous stress, he called in to say his son was missing just before he fond out he'd been killed. after all, we don't know of what to make of what his statement was to the police and just t
statement didn't take place on the stand, but when mark o'mara said the defense planned to rest wednesday. martin savidge, cnn san ford, florida. >> i want to dig deeper into the day's events with our panel of legal analyst and prosecutor sunny hostin and marsha clark, her latest thriller is called "killer ambition" and danny and mark cgaragos and lawrence here in manhattan. first of all, the neighbor that testified, do you think anybody buys that? if some neighbor of mine testified about what my voice sounds like when i'm screaming, how would a neighbor know this? >> you know, there's a more scenical view as to why they play that neighbor's video in court today and i won't inflame an antiinflammatory situation. nobody is saying this is scenical or ultimate in terms of piece of evidence they put on. i have to say that i'm a little scenical about this. >> sunny, what about you? how do you think it played in the courtroom? did it make any sense to you? >> not really. i mean, it's sort of the law dim minute in this ca diminishing returns now. zimmerman's mom and uncle say those are his cries
the success of dr. dimaio, sunny and mark say led to why mark o'mara said i'm done. i don't need to bring others it to the stand. do you think that's why he made that decision? more a last-minute decision or do you know coming into today i'm done? >> usually defense attorneys have something in reserve if they think they have to extend the case a bit. i think a lot of attorneys that i know who are watching the case think that the case has been shredded. the prosecution's case has been shredded by the defense. now you have this forensic evidence that lines up pretty much perfectly with the zimmerman story. there were elements that line up with the prosecutor's story as well. they needed a knockout punch forrencecally, the prosecutors, to show that zimmerman's story was an impossibility given the physical evidence and, frankly, they didn't get that knockout punch in the cross-examination of this very impressive forensic pathologist. >> and i wanted to play one other thing that the forensic pathologist said, mark, and this was about this issue of trayvon martin and where his hands were. zimme
down, adam pollacd got on top of attorney mark o'mara to show the jury. when describing his client's skill level -- >> he's still learning how to punch, he didn't know how to effectively punch. >> on a scale of one oten where would mr. zimmerman lie? >> like i said level one. >> the judge ruled marijuana in trayvon martin's system is admitted into evidence. court is expected to start earlier today, 8:30 a.m. eastern time and we expect the judge, chris and kate, to rule on whether a computer re-enactment will be able to be admitted in this trial. we'll also expect to hear from more witnesses, more experts in this case. >> george howell following it in sanford, thanks so much. >>> coming up next on "new day," john king with our political gut check. >>> plus a young mom from michigan caught on tape trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. you have to hear it to believe it. >>> here's another one for you, if fish aren't biting call this guy, he'll catch your dinner, no pole included. there it is, you thought i was kidding, right? >> i did. members of the american postal worker's un
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)